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Forensic Fact-Check: Anti-Vax Bribes in Greece?

November 9, 2021 2:53 pm Aliya Alwi

Greek Doctors Take Anti-vaxxers for a Ride?

A recent viral tweet claimed that in Greece, anti-vaxxers have been approaching doctors and nurses with 400 euro bribes to be injected with a fake vaccine and obtain the vaccination certificate.

It also claimed that doctors pocketed the money and administered the real vaccine under the pretense that it was the fake vaccine to these anti-vaxxers.

The first claim indicates that this happened across hundreds of vaccination centers and that the number of people who have been able to obtain this fake vaccination certificate is in the tens of thousands, throwing the country’s vaccination estimates and plans to lighten covid restrictions into question. While there are recorded cases of individual doctors having been caught trying to fake vaccination records, I have not found evidence that backs up the magnitude of the phenomenon in this claim.

The second claim indicates that doctors have been pocketing the bribe and administering the real vaccine anyway.

The only source for this was one tv channel, which upon further research appears to have a history of exaggerating and altering news items to make them more sensational. Due to the vagueness of the claim, it does not hold much value as a piece of information to be repeated or believed.

Our rating: Half true and half false.

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