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Counter Intelligence Podcast Transcription: Rob Goldstone interview

May 19, 2019 3:38 pm Scott Stedman

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All right. Rob Goldstone welcome to the Mueller Time podcast.

Great to be here. Thank you for having me.

Rob I just want to thank you. Know I finished your book yesterday and that is how would you describe the last two or three years of your life Rob.

They’ve been interesting to say the least.

They’ve been a kind of roller coaster that you know it’s funny having been been a publicist. It’s you always try to put your clients out there in the media. That’s what you dedicate most of your life to. And so for me to be the story is so shocking in many ways and also because I know the reality you know stories are great. I used to be a journalist and journalists are very good at hyping stories the same way as I hyped an email. But the reality is when you get down to the nitty gritty often it is still a story but it’s not quite as dramatic as maybe people have hope. So my life has been the only way I can describe it it is an unbelievable roller coaster.

Yeah absolutely. And you know let’s just say hypothetically for the hypothetical listener who has been in a cave the last four years could you tell people just briefly who you are and why how you sort of got involved in the Trump Tower story.

Sure. You know I well up until now up until that the story of what’s what’s commonly I suppose called Russia gate broke in 2000 and 17 you know I was a publicist a music manager and a former journalist one of my clients who I managed is am I glad to know now because he’s the person who asked for the meeting with the Trumps the famous meeting at Trump Tower in order to start that process that I am the person who sent that. Now even more famous or infamous email to Donald Trump junior and you know following on from my email he and my client spoke and the meeting took place and I happened to end up in the meeting. And so for the last couple of years a lot of people especially in the media have focused on that e-mail and what I said in it.

And that meeting and what transpired as some evidence of perhaps that being collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Mm hmm yeah. So I read your book by the way. I just want to say as someone you know being the host of Muller time I’ve read every probably every book associated with this. The Mueller investigations I do want to congratulate you. I just want to say it was my favorite book. The reason is first of all it wasn’t that long which is it wasn’t that long.

I don’t want whether that’s because I’ve run out of things to say or just because I don’t know. But it isn’t that long. That’s what most people say Thank God it’s not so.

Yeah. And you know there’s other books that are more important in terms of like the overall picture of what happened but it was it was also entertaining. So thank you. Well I appreciate. Thank you. Yes so it was interesting. So I went back and I looked at I was just kind of reflecting on when I was reading her book on my own my own reflections when this whole thing started and I was you know like you said it’s nuance is important in life and I like most the public I was and frankly am outraged about the Russian intervention and the things that happened. But I went back and looked at when the story broke. Might one of my own personal facebook posts which was when you checked in to Trump Tower COULD YOU ARE JUST GONNA GO elaborate on that.

Well it’s funny because you know I was asked this at one of the three or four congressional Capitol Hill type of inquiries that I gave voluntary evidence. You know I think somebody that I don’t think I know somebody said to me were you trying to keep this meeting private. And before I could answer another of those people said well you did actually check in on face probably no right. And the reality was that I paid so little attention to this meeting its relevance and its importance to me let alone to anybody else. I checked and you know I checked him for one reason and I say it in my form and I said it throughout. When I first met Donald Trump and I’ve read him a total of probably five times in total I would tell people and my friends and and a lot of my friends are diehard liberal Democrats who despise everything about Donald Trump even before he ran for president.

So it used to amuse me that I would say oh I’m walking past Trump Tower or Oh look I’m doing something with Donald Trump or I met Donald Trump or here’s a video with Donald Trump. I would post it and they would go ballistic on my Facebook and how could you even use his name. How could you do that. So it was another example of me. Oh this time I’m actually in Trump Tower at a meeting of course I would check in to rile up all my friends.

It had nothing to do with anything. But I never for one second thought that meeting should be private. There was nothing about it where I thought maybe I shouldn’t check it. So yeah I checked in as normal.

Yeah when I saw that I looked back on my post and they you know this whole story was breaking out a photo of you and I was just like most of the public. I was outraged. I said you this is you gotta be kidding me. So it’s interesting this isn’t really a thought about the investigation it’s more my own kind of commentary on just I guess on life a little bit how it’s important to sometimes see the big picture and hear everybody out even because as it turns out it wasn’t even home Texas.

Yeah and I have to say complex a lot of things that he why did you write a book. And I wrote a book for one reason as you know because spreading the pander to either side. No I’m not political I don’t really have a political bone in my body I don’t care about politics it doesn’t pander to the left it doesn’t pander to the right.

It was designed for one thing and that was to give context to the full story of how I me found themselves.

You know I’ve said from the beginning the very core of what’s being investigated you know a foreign entity this time be it Russia interfering in America’s elections it’s hugely important. That’s why this inquiry and Muller all day wasn’t a witch hunt. It was a legitimate exercise. Sure but what I’ve tried to point out is I believe it’s a huge jigsaw puzzle and lots of pieces. And some of them will fit and some of them don’t set. And all I’ve tried to say is look at the big picture. And even now I go on Twitter which I know I probably don’t want to read people’s comments. And there are still people who supposedly are quite bright intelligent who say well Muller must have missed it. Muller Muslims have realized what you meant in your email. Muller must have got it. They can’t really believe I don’t believe that people could actually believe it after two years and 60 investigators and whatever it is that people believe them anonymously or in some cases not sitting in their bedroom on an anonymous you know outlet like Twitter could actually have this reasoning which they then go through which is they only spent five minutes and read some of the public testimony or any of this stuff and just looked at the context. I know it’s not necessarily beyond that they want but sometimes we don’t get the answer we want and nobody nobody’s saying that Russia didn’t interfere in any that’s already been proven as far as I can see. I’m just saying look at the context of all of this and just because something looks right doesn’t mean it has to always be correct.

Yeah and it just you know I guess for my listeners I wouldn’t want to be clear that I haven’t finally finished the report after him. Yeah I think largely the. My own personal opinion is that yes. Trump. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. There are over 100 examples of collusion there and conspiracy whatever want to use. I absolutely think that basically the big picture it is what it looks like. But I do think that I don’t know if your time I you specifically I think your picture is not what I thought it was.

And many people have said that not everyone has a say. Some people go with it. Oh you were all being brainwashed you’re being hoodwinked you’re being whatever but the reality is you know I have to say you brought up one example where I checked in. I bring up another one I may not be political but I’m not stupid. So do people really believe that if I had really known what I was talking about then I wouldn’t have just sent an email that said Hey Don can you call me. I have something to tell you.

Would I have written all of that that way if it really was what people tried to believe it was. It was a puffed up set of PR day style and it wasn’t made up. It was based on some very scant information but it was quite specific from my client who I believe also had no idea what he was talking about because he’s someone that lived in a bubble doesn’t pay a lot of attention and probably didn’t pay that much attention to whatever his father told him which I’ve no idea what that was.

But I do know what it was when I came to write it. And so I just think that just think about it. Would I have put all that down in perpetuity because we live in a world where everything comes out eventually everything so it would have been easy it’s just they hate. Could you please call me about something and or anything I wouldn’t have written all of that. I do know myself well enough to know that I would have been a little bit smarter and I wouldn’t have checked in for this season.

So yeah yeah. By the way Rob I noticed the original title of your book was the useful idiot. Am I correct.


I still love that title but let me tell you I now look back to white and still have it but I’ll start I’ll pretend you did ask me why I changed it and I changed it because after after giving evidence to I think it was three congressional ones that a Muller and quite a grand jury. My attorney actually said the on the trend way back again.

I just want to tell you something. Are you sure you want to call this book useful idiot. Because I don’t believe that you’re perceived in that way by the people that are hearing this and understand it and maybe people will look at it and think you’re calling yourself an actual idiot.

That’s what it is food for thought. I liked it because at first I didn’t understand it and I was called it by Christopher Hill who was a former ambassador to wrangle and or someone or both. And when I read it it made some sense because it was you know historically it’s people who’ve been used by the Russians or by the Secret Service as a part of the type of thing and I thought it would leave a bit of an interesting title that I thought you know what. The other point you know it’s not.

I had a reason for doing what I did is just not the reason people say so I changed it.

Yeah well you know I do to talk about the e-mail because the. So whenever that e-mail like a lot of people and even up until I read your book I was like. This is this. It was a setup. And again I just wanna be clear to my listeners I believe the big picture it was a setup. But what was interesting about your book and the language used before I read the book you know Crown Prosecutor this and that. I was like Oh my God it’s just it’s just a set these people up the minute they respond. But were you made clear in the book was that basically you you had to sell this because that’s your job. And if you don’t sell things you had one client correct.

I have many of the clients I manage whose profits were yes. That was my only client. I’ve got rid of all my clients because he was a 24/7 operation and it’s worth saying that he’s a music guy that likes to play video games and scam people and jump up on that. You know I think we have to put that in context. I’m not working for somebody who has any political bent as far as I know.

So yes the answer is neither quite right. So you basically went about selling this which you know I sort of thought I was like There’s no way. And then I kind of thought about that and being in the entertainment industry I actually actually believe that like a you know. Basically you know the client you’re in a client based business if he says to do something no matter how friendly you are. Jump. Yeah.

Basically my camera. You know I work in entertainment. I’ve represented entertainment acts where the record labels. That’s me dad. The deepest something in the world.

And you go well they’re not and they go but you could. It’s sort of there. And by the time you get the picture they are and maybe it was just for that we can maybe it was just in Germany but you know what.

By the time you come to speak with these people you can explain it all but I have to tell you that as a TV presenter who shall remain nameless before we did an interview after Michael said to me I need two seconds of your time.

He goes I would have written that e-mail exactly the same way. And if you ever want to see the e-mails to sensible people on our station you’ll be horrified.

And I smile because I have seen that I’ve been booked on shows where they’ve gone oh we feel so bad about how you’ve been treated. I go on and it’s like the Spanish Inquisition. It’s nothing like they pitch me on. But I understand that that’s the world in which I live on the publicity. We do pitches that are a bit over the top and we get pitched things that are sort of what they should be but are not. So it didn’t say me in that respect. I understand that what what you’ve read in my book I believe on something like this which is quite obscure and bizarre. I’m not asking for money for my client or even for his father. I’m asking for some obscure attorney at this point that I know very little about except a few key facts. I believe you get one shot at making that request to a campaign that’s in the middle of. You could argue they’re almost out of their depth in my opinion of what they’re even doing. And it’s the busiest time I can’t pitch and say well I haven’t sort of said this and I think it’s that. But I don’t know it’s because if I pitched you like that you wouldn’t even answer. And so I only get one shot and I have a client who wasn’t used to hearing the word no he liked what he like and he was he had the resource to sort of get whatever he wanted in the entertainment world and his own business world. And I’d made some pretty remarkable things happen for him. And he performed at amazing places. And I wanted to make him happy. That’s what you do if you’re a publicist with your client. I could have said no do I regret it. Of course I regret it because of what it all led to. But did I. Yes I pushed him back a bit and said why are we doing this like no good could come of this.

And not because of what people say. The reason I said it was I was being protective of our relationship with Trump. I knew that if Trump ever got elected which at the time I’ve said it before Donald Duck had more chance and Donald Trump of being the president that if he ever got elected I know what my client was like. What if that. Can we shoot a video in the Rose Garden. Can I shoot a photo shoot.

I wanted that save up my flesh.

And that’s why I said this is a waste of time no good can come of it. It because I thought it would be legal or it shouldn’t be done. That never crossed my mind.

That’s very you know I got to say that’s it’s interesting because I sort of there’s a little there’s dual ideas competing in my head that I’m having trouble with. You’re clearly a highly intelligent person. But on the other hand it’s clearly to take a meeting like that is how do you reconcile that. Because I mean would you believe you if if you were just now I don’t know.

That’s a great question actually. I understand why people are so skeptical of it.

And I understand on top of everything else that we currently and for the last couple of years live unfortunately in an atmosphere where there is no gray everything appears to be very black and white to some extent. It’s very divisive. It’s a little bit angry at the society and I think that’s all to do with it’s led from the top. There’s no question of that. So it’s it’s kind of like if I looked at this store I would have questions about must have known how could he not know it was wrong. But this is this is the only way I can answer that first of all. I didn’t. Secondly I didn’t even give that a second thought and certainly people say all the time how can you Rob Goldstone entertainment published from England publicist not have known it was wrong. And my answer is how could the chairman of the Trump campaign who was in there not have stopped it or not and said You can’t do this or even during the meeting.

Well Rob he is in jail right now. To be fair I mean the second part of that you know I’m not trying to throw him under the bus but for himself and his own.

But I’m just saying you know he never liked he attended the meeting so he never gave me any thought that this was wrong because otherwise I do have to say and my job is to defend anyone including myself to some extent yes. Do I think. Don Julio knew it was wrong. Do I think. No I think it was done. I think he was too stupid to know it was wrong. I think that’s what the Mueller report basically said which was we maybe could have brought some charges but football the beating did turn out to be nothing. Secondly he was maybe and I’m not using that word now a bit too ignorant naive stupid to use whatever words you want to know it was wrong.

I get that because I have no idea no idea whatsoever suggest I take the blame that it was my stupid. I may be overly hyped that e-mail. But you have to also remember this was a private e-mail to a private citizen. I wasn’t writing this to the son of the president of the United States. I might have spent more than two or three minutes you know banging out this method. If that had been a case and you know we all spending they’ll say things that we regret.

The difference is mine has been examined by the world and it’s now been stated as the world’s most famous.

It’s shocking to me that I actually had to Just don’t swallow.

Yeah and no. I mean look I give you credit for a look. First of all very few people know what it’s like to be famous of any kind. And then on top of that maybe infamous and you know I give anybody credit for facing a fire in life and that’s you know that’s what you’re doing.

Well I have to say one thing. So when this first broke I said to Aman like what do I do.

This is going to be awful for the end of everything and he’s released what you just said about people who wrote back to me and I submitted this to all the committed this back and forth and he said to me and I said this is going to have a devastating effect both on me and my business goes all maybe it’ll make you really famous like you’ll be the most famous person in America. And I said you know Jeffrey Dahmer was really famous. It didn’t do him a lot of good. You’re an idiot.

And that was the conversation.

And I’ve always been sad when I wrote an op ed for The Washington Post in which I started out by saying that I’ve always believed it’s not true when people say all publicity is good publicity.

I’ve never it had no effect.

And you know to be famous is one thing I’ve never wanted to be famous but to be infamous just from personal experience is not something anybody could imagine until it happens to them. I have people screaming abuse at me in the streets. I had someone trying to attack me in a car. I’ve had people and I am I try and write it off by saying I understand their anger and frustration. It’s really directed at the president and his decisions and his policies. And I’m the closest thing for some reason they think you know they can vent their anger. But you try having that happen to you day in day out it isn’t pleasant.

I have trouble just interacting with normal people on a day to day basis so I can’t really I don’t want to go back to so I just I just want to make sure I get it right. Are you basically saying that you’re so apolitical that the idea of taking a meeting with a hostile foreign power during an election was just it never occurred to you as a.

But what I’m really saying is that I never interpreted what I was saying. And that was just some dumb right. Well I actually took it as look connects to limited sets of a couple of times. Connected.

And you know I flippantly remark that says In my talk. Connected to what the power grid because he wasn’t telling me what. And then there was a silence. Well again I’m not stupid.

So what is that what is a prosecutor next to the government in some way. So it’s a government attorney. So I looked at today. It’s a government attorney that’s got some information. Oh give it. And the reason I went to Don Junior and I made this very clear was I could have sent it not to Trump directly I didn’t have that relationship but to his office to his secretary to whatever. But I went down the food chain and I thought I’d gone to the lowest possible level. Someone really didn’t hear a lot about this wasn’t Jared and his own. This was done.

The reason I sent it to him as opposed to any of these other people was that if it was nonsense rubbish or whatever it didn’t matter it was about the embarrassment factor that I was concerned about.

I really I’m not hot whether it’s because as I say I’ll set the ball to the Dumbo ignorance or naive. It never struck me that this woman was actually representing a foreign power and that the information it was more alive and dad met someone who’s connected with the government did this and she had this information. It was that I didn’t care about information. I didn’t believe he had this and I didn’t care if she did she didn’t. I cared about shutting up my client.

If I’m saying it really correctly I wanted to hear nothing more about it. And you know he made it very clear. You got to go you got to attend. You got to do anything.

Just get the meeting. And again if this is the most important thing I want to say that people think my email got the meeting my email makes it very clear to. It says maybe the best thing or perhaps the best thing is you just speak with them about it directly. When I’m in that immortal phrase first of all when he goes if it’s what you say it is I love it. I interpreted that different to how people now say that phrase. I was like oh thank god he’s saying if it’s what you say it is I love it. There’s a question mark over it. Maybe he understands. I don’t really know that I’m talking about. And then he goes perhaps you’re right. I just speak with him indirectly as everyone now knows. I sat at that call. Nobody knows what they really say because neither of them have testified about it and whatever happened on that call the next stage was I got an e-mail saying from Adam. Set it up. And from don’t say Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner will now attend that meeting. And I thought oh well that must’ve been an interesting call. And that was it. I’ve never had to go to but I just want to make it clear I don’t take a meeting because I asked him for one he didn’t care about me. I’m a publicist.

He took a meeting because I set up my client to speak with him and the passing of the email got that call.

Yeah. The A Yes I totally agree with you. And that’s that’s one thing that personally is really it’s bug me especially about about the Trump family as there’s always right. Everything’s always sort of somebody else’s fault. And that’s not how life is we’re all responsible for our own actions. So I actually right. That’s right that would be ridiculous to put that on you. I also found something interesting in your book that when I read the email I said. This is a setup. Look at this ridiculous language and what you pointed out like Crown prosecutor is that that’s actually a comment. But then you also say that’s a term where you’re from or in.

Yes. Absolutely. So to speak fertile Russia hasn’t had a crown prosecutor since they got rid of the crown. I love it when they murdered that rock family in 1980. But more importantly I’m farming than I grew up in England. I studied journalism as part of its study a little bit of what they call public administration and law. All prosecutors in the UK are Crown prosecutor. They represent the crown the queen of England the crown. I still call what you would call federal prosecutors here Crown prosecutors. When Amina told me that this attorney and I didn’t know the woman at this stage and that was either a current or former prosecutor who was well-connected I called what we now know to be a her as a Crown Prosecutor. What I do have to say is when the media went in saying you know this phrase when this story broke I did tell both the Associated Press and The New York Times the day that story broke. The reason why these Crown Prosecutor. The fact that people choose to ignore all of that in my mind for the next year because it’s a better story to keep that going that you meant this person you met that person if I meant that I would have said that.

There’s obviously a very specific phrase that these other people. I meant an English term for a federal prosecutor.

Yeah that’s interesting. You know I have I have kind of this is like what I would call a moral question. I read your book and you talk about your tuition. And so am I. And you talk about the vile anti-Semitism that you experienced as a kid. It made me sick actually just reading it. By the time the Trump campaign was in effect they were participating in this vile type of nonsense that we’re still going through. Didn’t did any of that bother you associating with these people.

So interestingly enough it didn’t bother me. Let’s go through all of this again. People say to me why. You know blasted them and said awful things about me I have to say I met John Junior twice in total I met Donald Trump five times. Not my friend. They’re not.

I’m not a family for the things I’ve been called but he’d always been very professional very nice very kind very whatever. So I’ve never seen a side to either of those people that would make me think that the anti Semitic. So I would go even less because once Jared Kushner came into the Klan you would assume he brings the opposite of that to some extent. I’d rather answer this one that I don’t believe at least on my own because I don’t believe much of what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. What I also don’t believe is that he believes a lot of this stuff because Mr. Donald Trump that over the years I’ve seen roasted on Comedy Central I do the Friars roast and I have seen on red carpets.

It’s just it’s it’s sort of obvious to me he’s pandering to his base. He’s saying this nonsense that this nonsense is really dangerous that yes. So you play this as a game when you’re not in control of the country and when people don’t react to your every word the way they do now it’s entered a new phase.

So yes when I see all of that the racism the you know I’m a Jew. So they have for a lot of stuff.

And you know when you read the internet I have to say I would have again I one of these heroes if I’d been attacked.

You know if I felt attacked if I shout whatever I said you know what’s funny though the only people that have attacked me online have been gays and Jews and it is interesting now if you think about it though people have said to me since. Well that is who would attack you in reality because that’s probably a lot of the base of the side that hate you because they think you have Trump and I get that. But you know this I was really flattered but no heterosexual white male was actually attacking me. It’s not funny.

That’s a really bizarre thing to say but is that I mean that’s you. Are you serious is that your experience. I’m not there yet. Yeah. Including people I assumed were friends of mine who fit that description as well.

Including people who have said such hateful and vile things that in one case I threatened to turn that comics over to the Department of Justice to the FBI because It verged on being a real threat. And again I tried to reconcile it by saying that and although directed at me the underlying anger is that the president of the United States and his policies. And I understand that people sometimes need to vent that. And if I in some respects they feel is connected but I have the same reaction you know people come up to me in the street and a woman came up to me not long ago I said I pray for you every Sunday because Donald Trump’s in the White House and I said and how does that affect me what I got to do. I say this because you know again people despite I’m not a Trump I don’t support Donald Trump. It’s like I just happened to have found myself in that. And if you imagine going through that not only finding yourself in it but who the person people think that you helped get elected is diametrically opposed to everything you believe. It’s even more bizarre.

Well you know I’m a heterosexual white male so I’ll tell you what I’ll ask you some tough questions and we’ll start and that will help the balance.

Well you know I think I was talking to. I think you and I have a mutual journalist friend and I was you know anyway in general I’m always unfair with people I know it’s never look you asked the quote you were a journalist you ask the questions you ask hard questions.

That’s what it’s about. But but but but I again I stole a phrase from I think it was Daniel Patrick Moynihan said everyone’s entitled to their own opinions they’re not entitled to their own facts and that’s what I tried to point out to people when they say you did this you are this you know you Indians ask questions and you know that’s.

Rob can you recount the meeting as you’ve done a million times just for the purpose of this show just as you can.

Yes. So the meeting itself took place in front. I was there for one purpose which was to greet I have a say who was the representative of my client the last like you.

And here’s what I now call this troupe of merry men which originally was just him an attorney but that day the attorney that e-mailed and said I’m bringing a colleague and a translator and all that.

And I took so little notice of that that I didn’t tell Donald Trump due there. So when I walked in with this group the first thing I thought was I have a lot of these people. Then it dawned on me I hadn’t told him so I said to me Look you’ve met Don junior before.

Do you mind coming up with us and just introducing him for the handoff.

I didn’t see a problem with that. And I thought it’d be a good way to say that Don. I forgot to tell you that a couple of other people I went up introduced and then I said goodbye and Don junior looked familiar and said Why don’t you just stay seated.

And he did a gesture I can’t duplicate because you can’t see me but it was nice to get to get them out at the end and get them out to me that it was like it’s going to be a really short meeting and I don’t want to stick around fire again. Why wouldn’t I am representing my client on some level. So I find myself that I sit next to Jared Kushner so one side of the table. He’s the biggest confrontation I’ve ever seen in my life in myself and Jared Kushner opposite is the attorney that we now know to be an Italian vessel this guy or a translator his name up and still another number and Hollywood that she brought with her.

I have allowed the Reps the Aguilar of my blood and then the head of the table was Paul Manafort and John G. And what happened is Don welcome to everybody and then asked what she had to say. What was this information she wanted to present. And it’s worth saying that I paid so little attention that I have no idea what language she spoke meaning I know what this is she speaks Russian I don’t know if she spoke English at the meeting I know speak a bit of English but it was either through a translator or direct.

She started speaking and she talked about how it was outrageous that people like this this program. And Bill Browder would make donations to the Democrats and their candidate who was Hillary Clinton. And yet we’re not paying tax on this money that was taxes owed added. Russia or America.

And it was a very generic thing though and I still concur maybe this is it. You know I was looking for a smoking gun waiting to see people literally jump out of the shadows and go Wow. Nothing happens eventually carry on for a minute or so. And Jared Kushner looks so agitated next to me I was watching him.

And I’ve never met people I’ve never seen but he looked really really agitated and then he stopped in their tracks and said I have no idea what you’re talking about.

And he said could you possibly focus and just tell us and come to a point. And to the horror of me certainly and I’m sure him.

Whether it was a translation issue she began again from this monotonous rambling pitch that she kind of had from the same point.

So at that point I saw him sort of texting furiously and we would later learn through his testimony I think he was saying to the system get me out this meter and. Don junior kind of raise himself as if to stop this and she certainly has.

But what I really want to talk about is the issue of adoption. And that made my ears perk up. I was like. adoption. And she started talking about do something.

No I never heard of Magnitsky or Magnitsky Act. None of this made any sense to me.

But she rambled on a bit about how you know the sanctions that were in place that were preventing Americans from the adoption of Russians. She hadn’t got much further when Don Julia stood up and said I have to just stop you. My father’s a private citizen. He’s not in power.

Why don’t you address this to the Obama administration because maybe they can do something about it. And before she could answer he said anyway time is tight.

I want to thank you all for coming and I interjected so thank you very much. So you know I just slap the table like that said I have a the attacks. I just said why we’re talking about adoption we have to stop this meeting and say thank you all goodbye. And I got them out. I hung back and I went up to Don and said I just have to apologize. I’m so embarrassed. And he looked at me and he said I’ve just no idea what that was about. But I did lots of meetings whatever thank you very much regards to him and go back. And we walked up I went downstairs called. And then in the middle of the night in Moscow he said How was the meeting. I said you’ve asked me to do many many embarrassing and ridiculous things since I’ve worked here.

This without question was the most embarrassing.

We just had a meeting about adoption and he said to me what are the adoptions. To do with it. And I said I have no idea. Why don’t you speak to Ike. And I never want to talk about this again I said but I guarantee you will never hear from the Trumps again you’ll never be able to ask of anything. It’s exactly what I said would happen. And I hung up and never spoke about it ever again.

Did Donald Trump know about the meeting. Do you think.

I don’t know. I was hoping to be honest that Muller report would answer that very question.

So I don’t know if this is how I have answered it in the past.

And I’ll answer to you the same way.

If my father was running for president and I was having a meeting with a bunch of Russians and some other people in his conference room a few floors down from where apparently he was. I would tell my father that the only way I can answer. I human nature would say to me I would say I’m going down now to meet with a group of Russians who apparently have information about Hitler.

I would but that’s just what I would say. Do I know.

I’ve no idea. That’s very interesting. What about what about Eman. I mean it’s just I keep going back to the fact in this whole whatever the last two years have been that everyone. Everybody. It’s like everyone has a reason why they aren’t a part of this. And I mean I think you’ve done a pretty good job of in your book of explaining some of the story but when one steps back and looks from it looks at it it it really is what it looks like. Yet nobody had anything to do with it. I mean well I guess we look ridiculous.

I get it. It looks like everybody kind of just that an innocent party. I get it. It does. And I don’t know the answer to that because obviously again I’m sure you will understand what happens when someone wants the story breaks and you end up having to get boys and do stuff. One of the things that people like me in these situations I realize is you know for the at least for the future you need to not talk to anybody involved in this. And to do that.

So I don’t know. I don’t know the answer. I’ve never sat with them and I’ve never seen an answer there or whatever.

I’ve never been out to say hey you know what. Let’s have a cup of tea.

Help me out with that. I haven’t had that conversation. I know him very well. I wasn’t very. That would be an instant cup of tea I think it was yeah. But I know the players involved.

I know his father pretty well. I know him.

And I actually think Natalia at one point said on TV that this was Rob Goldstone maybe showing off and I think Amazon knows that Rob Garza was granted an eyeball was so it actual was grandstanding perhaps when that lawyer met with his dad and said for whatever the reason he was she wanted a meeting with the troubles. I think that would have probably said I consider this. TRUMP Well he could but he never has everything that’s ever involved with Trump’s have gone through. That he goes to the son who is a pop star and like and has no interest in it and is asking given him whatever information is given to him then he was gone. Not a problem. Well he’s another one that’s never asked them anything directly. The only person they’ve ever asked to ask them directly is me Susan cause it would come down the chain to me. So I don’t know.

I asked what the favor is.

I’ve no idea. Maybe it’s something personal. Maybe that’s friends with a lawyer. Maybe there is something more sinister. I don’t know. I’m sure most people perhaps would have found that if there was.

But the reality is you know what I do think is that ultimately it was a bait and switch.

I think Natalia really believes she did have dirt but the dirt was too generic. It was about people like Browder making donations to the Democrats.

There’s nothing wrong with that. I actually remember sitting there when she said that looking over at Don Junior and thinking didn’t your father used to make donations to the Democrats.

Like why is this news. Well obviously it wasn’t news because that’s why Jarrah pressure was safe. I have no idea what to talk about how that’s relevant.

Just focus. So I think it was a bait and switch. I think once they heard this idea that she had some.

I never really use the word dirt but she had this information about this damaging information. I think it was the bait and the switch was that she represented trying to get Magnitsky sanctions lifted and this was a way to get in the door because there’s no question in my mind that she would never ever have got this meeting if I’d gone to them and said they want to talk about Magnitsky I never could’ve done that one or two.

He’s not in power. And I honestly believe and this is based on nothing. I think they also thought that Donald Duck had as much chance of being president as Donald Trump. I don’t believe that Donald Trump thought Donald Duck had more chance of being president than Donald Trump.

But nevertheless I don’t think we would have got a meeting with him about Magnitsky. You have in that day which is when she’s got information about donations not specific. We didn’t know who it wasn’t so in short.

Well it was generic. It means they might be saying I want to make donations. Well that’s fine. But what’s wrong with that. It to me it was a bait and switch that went through three chains of command before the information came to me who passed it up as a publicist all of which would have been fine probably if these people if they’re from Ireland and not Russia from Russia and Russia became this hot button topic and as we know from reports Russia interfered in the election. So everything that keep with Russia becomes a microcosm of what’s believed to be the case.

Right. I mean typically. So I think you make a great. Point that Trump first of all they didn’t think they were going to win which is part of why the criminal activity that took place on their part was it. For them it was just business as usual. I mean we all saw the look on his face on election night does not a man who knew that he was I don’t know he looked like he was about to have a heart attack on it.

You’re the first person that I’ve that exactly look like he was about to collapse.

Yeah and I believe the only speech he had in his pocket was it was rigged. She stole the election. I don’t believe for one second he had a speech there at the time that I’ve won so. But you know it’s. And also I will say be careful what you wish for because I also believe that if he could turn back time. I don’t. People say oh we love this. He had a pretty decent life. He wouldn’t do what he wants.

It’s not the issue that when you listen to be the president of Nigeria. And I think it’s behavior part of it is because the planning that maybe went into all of this wasn’t based around someone that was going to win.

So it’s all like on a wing and a prayer that people who really couldn’t organize a yard sale and now organize that you know solid policy benefit policy. I think a lot of that plays into it. And it’s you know it’s horrifying on some level.

Yeah I mean there’s there’s 20 federal investigations and you know I believe that eventually I’m not sure what’s going to happen with his presidency but it is going to be even worse for a man like him. His empire is in my opinion is going to be destroyed eventually it’s just a little slow.

Yeah let’s take it anyway. Just kidding. Yeah of course.

Yeah. But anyway. But but so yes I think that maybe they look at you know at the outset that I was naive maybe they just did not realize this wrong.

But I believe Don Junior probably had as much if not even less sense in knowing that there was a chairman of a campaign who you would think might have known better.

And also I would say that if he was sitting there would give the signal perhaps to me who set the in for it therefore making it a public meeting. So there is nothing wrong with that.

Oh or someone would have said something then you know. No no no. You should say did they know that you checked in during the meeting. No I’m sure.

But I have to say nobody said it was. And again it’s not what a lot of you want to hear. It was so casual and it wasn’t even like I don’t think it would have mattered if I’d said we checked that is what I’m trying to say and I put to the rest of us.

They spent the time while we were waiting for me taking these crazy sort of touristy self is out of the amazing view from the waiting room for the conference that it was very kind of casual.

And again I didn’t care because at that point I would never have been in that meeting.

The only thing I will say that people have asked me I’m I’m mad at Don Junior for asking me to stay in because it puts me in the meeting.

And the thing is it’s the opposite. If I’d never gone into the meeting as planned I would be one of the thousands if not more of people who believe something untoward went down in that meeting. So the fact that I was there everything else could be true about who she was what she was who she knew and she didn’t know that I don’t know. I didn’t know what was said and what went on because I was sat there if I hadn’t been sat there. It would have also looked like complete B.S. to me as well.

So I am glad that if nothing else and I think that’s how I was when I gave my testimony I was I was never subpoenaed for anything I was asked in a voluntary capacity which I did all the things I was asked and I think I was you to some extent as an impartial witness who had no you know I don’t have any horse in the race on either side of this.

So I think it was useful to them and me being there as well. But it was certainly useful to me to have been there.

Rob you said the Russians were taking pictures there. I mean was given what. Well I believe this meeting was about was that. Did that come off as weird or just what came off as weird.

Well you know they were like sort of excited tourists but it is an amazing view of Central Park and at the Plaza Hotel and all that out the window. So maybe it’s not that weird but yes it was a they art and it was out because it stuck in my mind.

I can still see that or to see it like that but that’s why it was out that this is to me it’s something you know now I would say a federal prosecutor. I don’t imagine them at the sort of people that would take selfies but I get it was the view. What about those Why not. Yes it was all. It was an ultra to today.

Yeah that’s just I mean it almost does sound like a bad spy. Look I think typically the way Russia operates is you know as you as you almost titled your book useful idiot they look for real you know corruptible and I think to me that’s what this meeting was about it wasn’t yes the Magnitsky Act is important but just when everyone took that meeting I’m not talking about you just in general. No I understand it dirtied that campaign. And if if our country didn’t have a one party that’s totally in bed with Trump a normal Kennedy would have been impeached so or Russia would have done it. I guess what I’m trying to say is I think just the minute everyone walked in that room it was that was the point for them bad news. Yeah yeah.

And maybe a hundred percent Russian. And you know I go back to this thing which is but if they really need someone else. That by many people.

If Russia had wanted I mean couldn’t they just have got to Manafort or got to somebody or got whoever the heck.

I don’t know it just brought in a whole team of people what they need yet another team of people.

They seem to have some of these reports and things are correct. A lot of backdoor channels that they didn’t before.

And again I don’t know the answer and I stayed in that I I always believed my heart of hearts believe that most teams would if nothing else find nothing in either my email its wording or the reasoning I believe there was a meeting that would show that it was collusion on that side but it’s the willingness officers to accept it on the other side now you know they could argue that was opposition research they could argue they were idiotic and didn’t know and they can argue many say but I believe that most team come to that conclusion probably that if anything they were perhaps a bit too stupid to really know what they were even doing.

That doesn’t make it right. It just means I don’t disagree with that.

Having been in it.

Rob the. But the most important thing I’ve wanted to ask you is actually you’re the first person I’ve talked to you’ve been inside the special counsel’s office I mean can you tell me did you meet Robert Muller.

I did. And I’m laughing because some friends of mine after it said oh my god did Robert Muller in your interview and I said here’s the thing.

I’ve heard that Robert Muller didn’t do any interviews with Robert Muller It showed himself even to change a light bulb or adjust the thermostat. I would have problems just like throw my hands up and down. OK. Well I’ve got no idea what.

No I didn’t see him guilty of a couple of just joking a couple of a couple of a couple of them that stated and you know what they were extremely logical methodical and made the process as easy and as painless as possible to go through and I say that because you know testifying to some of the Capital Hill type of meeting they’re not easy to do. And when you have a partisan as you can only imagine a partisan environment and you’re trying to focus on fact you know the thing that’s hard for some of us in the world of journalism or publicity is not to give your opinion. You have to deal with some facts but when you’ve been sort of assailed from all these different angles with people sort of trying to ask the same thing with a slightly different agenda going into the moral environment was much easier and much more welcoming.

And they obviously had had a very much narrower field that they were interested in.

Can you still clarify that. Oh look I mean look at the fact that you came out of that without being a you know no no no legal charges nothing like that. I mean these people you know a lot of people like that. So you’d I know you told them the truth because right.

I don’t get a grand jury as well.

Yeah well what I was curious about. Can you tell us who you talked to and the special counsel or what you talked to. I mean you remember their names.

No I don’t actually I didn’t. Well I couldn’t remember. I’m trying to even think you know that’s quite the question because you can remember which building you were.

Oh yeah. I was with legal people they took me there. Did I say that I did.

No I don’t. They even introduced it doesn’t go Hi I’m Joe Smith. I don’t write it but I wanted people how about me. They said did you get into it by Jeannie re. And I think maybe because she’s a woman that sounds like her name is more familiar. I didn’t but she.

She was in my grand jury and she was there. She wasn’t the question official with that outfit and I couldn’t tell you who it was but other than to say that as I say they were extremely logical and methodical.

Were there any questions you remember that they are student anything that started me at the best way to sum it up.

They asked me about my relationship with my client my relationship with the Trumps my client’s relationship with the troubled my client’s relationship with the Russian governments and with President Putin and anything I knew about Trump’s relationship with that same set of people. And then they talked about some specifics about obviously the email the meeting and never forget. Of course I was with Trump in Moscow in 2000 and the two former Miss Universe contest.

So we had that as well. And you know at one point early on in this when the story broke I’m sure you’ve seen the Woody Allen movie Zelig. Oh yeah. His carrots more. Well I would call Michael Robert Dallek because every time he would appear on the news it would be like. Well now the steel dossier about Trump and I’m like wait I would I would actually. That then it would be something else. And I way I was that it all makes sense why. Because it’s all part of this I. But I was very valid. I kept popping up in the bizarre places which again only made sense with context. So yeah that’s an excellent reference.

Yeah Zelig except maybe popping up in places that you might not want to.

Didn’t want it to be just that or someone else described me as chunky guard or being you know so a few cheap Billboard magazine.

I was appalled that I’ve I called many things you know so much that I would like Alfred P. Doolittle that’s most I mean but I’ve also been told I’m in the Israeli Mafia.

I’m in a group of Jews who come together to overthrow democracy.

I’m Putin’s puppet I’m a KGB spy. I’m Hillary spot. I work for fusion. I was put there by Clinton. I mean all of these that and I’ve also been told I am a dick by the New York Times a hot tub swilling chocolate inhaler playboy who spends the night at the nightclub.

So all of it is much intriguing to me and is not true of the net. But it’s interesting.

Yeah. There must be a little bit of irony like you spent all that time as a publicist and then right. I mean I’m sure at times you had to spin things and now to see your own life spun with it with no control. There must be a little bit odd.

It’s odd. And I think the difference is you know I think some of them have behaved appallingly not just to me but in general. And I think part of it is that when I was a journalist I didn’t have a 24 hour news cycle that wasn’t social media.

And I think the urgent the need for journalists and media outlets to be first rather than accurate has I think it’s left a very very bad picture of today’s modern journalism.

I think you know when you watch a lot of cable news it isn’t news.

It’s a form of entertainment it’s political opinionated entertainment. And I think it’s a shame because I think news should be a way that people from all walks of life all opinions get the news and then they form their opinions. I don’t want to hear talking heads opinions all of which change every 10 minutes anyway depending on what’s going on. And I just think you know I’ve had I’ll give you one example.

But you know there’s there’s there’s an instance where the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that I did is public. So it’s public testimony people can go online and read what I’m. That’s. I was asked a question and they said oh you received an email from Anthony Scaramouche in his first day or two in the job. Can you explain that. And I said sure purportedly from Anthony Scaramucci and they said oh can you explain.

I said yes.

When I received it I thought it was surprising that it looked like one of the first things he did when he became head over what he was his communications director whatever he was in the White House. That was to e-mail me who had never met or heard of that we’d never heard of it.

And when I looked at the email address it was something really bizarre like one two three.

It was really refreshing to me.

I merely sent it on to my legal I said look at company spam whatever and deleted it. Done. Never heard of it again. So they said thank you very much for clarifying that. That didn’t stop a network news program here in the state from having a headline that said Goldstone’s links with Anthony Scaramouche and they wrote an entire piece about how this garbage you chose me to email it over and they said everything quote from it except purportedly the spam and that it was deleted because I believed it to be nonsense which it turned out to be at the very end of this. It says when contacted experiments at the company believe he’d never met rock or cook he’d never met because the story’s not true. When I complained to people I know the work for this outlet they were outraged. You have to call this is what they said. We would think about correcting it if I would sit down and do an interview with them.

It’s not about me sitting down and doing it. It’s wrong it’s factually incorrect. It’s public testimony.

You’ve quoted half a paragraph without the answer. And that happened to me time and time again. And this is something which you’re that this will bristle at your listeners. But just listen.

So when Donald Trump who rarely speaks a word of truth sad state news he says something which he’s hijacked that phrase. And it’s a shame that there is just a little bit and just enough in what he said that is true that I think makes people go it’s all fake and that’s a shame.

Yeah well that that brings up the issue of having a you know none of this would’ve been possible without an educated population and civics and government and and then right of something like that you know it would have been much harder. I just felt like you’ve been very generous to your time by the way I want to thank you and I just I’d like two or three more questions and were so with the day in your time working with the AG. I mean before all this stuff happened with the Trump Tower. Did you ever see anything or suspicious anything that a pattern of behavior illegal anything. No nothing.

What I saw was a father who was quite introvert and quite a ride back a lot and was quite proud of his sort of independent ride to success. You know sometimes journalists would come in and I’d sit in and hear what they were saying through a translator. He really didn’t speak English very much so.

And it was all this you know they would say things like if your friend Mr. Poop. And he’d always stop them. I remember it’s over.

And it’s I’m not friends with President Putin you know. And that’s worth noting also. And Trump says back then and said it’s the richest family in Russia have come to meet me. Well they were the 54 richest business family in Russia according to Forbes magazine here. So that obviously didn’t stop Trump to be a bit like my email. He’s never say look here’s the 54 richest family. To say hello. My point is that I love that laugh was always handsome like I built this for nothing. I think this is no government support. Now in later years yes he has done government projects.

He helped with the soccer stadiums for the World Cup but he wasn’t my business. I didn’t deal with him.

I feel I dealt with the entity that the son a hugely successful entertainer in Russia who’s toured internationally who we had some success single with now while jazz which reached the top 10 of Billboard’s down Sultan Sarah.

We did all kinds of with him. That was my prince and I never ever heard Evan talk politics or really say anything I went oh what I did if I saw bizarre behavior. Yes it’s a delight to play video games go on like stupid scooter the man thing for a thug.

I saw that not the other side. I think that’s interesting because at the time I met him he was still married to although separated from his wife who was the daughter of the president of Basra by John.

And so it’s not like he didn’t know about politics but maybe because of that he never said I never heard politics be of interest to him or anything like that but I will say that both Amman allies and everybody I would meet in Russia when I was there was huge Trump supporters even before he ran for anything. They loved all things Trump. He had a brand that they liked.

He had a bomb rather than their lives. So it’s not a surprise to me that Russia would support it.

How did you how did your working relationship with Eman end. I’m curious.

So now I’m not good with these days especially after it’s over now. But I think in 2016.

In the October I said to him for a while I’ve been talking about taking a gap year and writing a book called Never Mind The Gap.

So my original book was the nickel Never Mind The Gap about whether someone in their 50s could do a ton of gap year and what that meant because I thought of sales for the year wrong where you take a year off not to do nothing but to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do and it just intrigued me certain.

I told AM in the year before that I’d rather you didn’t. We had stuff to do. I got a PBS special for him that year in 2016. And once that was done we filmed it in St. Petersburg with David Foster. It was incredible sitting down people all of that.

I’m taking the year off. I’m leaving at the end of the year. So what happened was he did this kind of like OK but you’ll be back. And I said Of course I’ll be back but I’m taking the year off. So the end of December I went to his birthday December 12. He always has a concert. And at the end of it that was kind of like I’ll see you in a year. And I actually saw him the following February in London and I wasn’t working. I mean took a selfie and he said oh look what I just posted. You know we’re back in business right. You know me and my manager said that you have to delete because I’m still going on my gap year. I know it’s very funny to you. But I want to do it. So that’s what happened.

I started on my gap year as people never read the book or hurt me. And I just got to happen. I was heading out to Asia when I got that call from Ralph held on at the Washington Post with those famous words. Did you set up a meeting blah blah. Well actually I went yes. And just take that back. Yes. Why’s that. Have you read the New York Times. No I was on a boat for a while. Just I would suggest you read the book. That’s how. Yes. So that’s how it ended and there was nothing bad about the ending. I would probably have gone back to him after that year that. Yes but you know things change once that broke or that that’s not an option.

Fair enough. I may just have two more questions again I want to take I know what it’s like to talk for it takes a lot out of me so I know you’re a busy guy and again I just want to thank you for a thought.

No I think it’s important thing but it’s important because it helps add some context. And again I don’t necessarily expect that people who are listening go oh ok I’ve heard that from Rocco and I’ll check.

I’m not asking you to change your views on the rush of dates and such. I’m just asking people to be a bit more informed so that when they form opinions they have that that’s all.

Exactly. I didn’t want to ask you you know BuzzFeed had an article it was sort of about what they described as suspicious money transactions I know you have an opinion on it. Can you in your during your gap year involving you and your business partner. Can you tell us what’s the deal.

I have great opinion on that one. Oh I’m so happy. I’m sure there are other examples.

Me have the lowest form of journalism.

So when I was on a gap year so obviously I wasn’t living in a narrative. I ended up based on myself out of Asia for I think it was just under six months maybe five months and Bangkok was a home base. But I was in Australia in different parts.

I was writing my book and BuzzFeed wrote an article about suspicious activities and transactions. Mainly I have to say it was the aguilar office.

But then in that article they obviously couldn’t resist. They and there. We had suspicious withdrawals ACM withdrawals by Rob Goldman is back in Bangkok. Why would he be withdrawing.

I think it was the other six thousand eight dog across a four or five month period in Bangkok or because I left there. Like how would they like me to live on beans or cells. And so the reality is I my biggest concern wasn’t necessary. They didn’t explain it. How would they get this information because every legal person I spoke to said that’s private banking information. What I would learn is that at least one and possibly two people from the Department of Treasury have been indicted or awaiting indictment for having leaked private banking information to Buzzfeed and others on any one that was connected in any way to rush the case because of their hatred for Trump or whatever it was.

I mean it’s private banking information. Do people really need to know that I heard about money. And they talked about my mortgage and so I mean it’s just. Why would they think I was they knew I was on a gap year in Asia. Why wouldn’t I pull out money. They’re not suspicious. It’s sort of obvious.

Well you know I’m cute like a that but by trade I’m not a journalist I’m really an entertainer. But they did describe 40 or 50 something like that let’s say was 30 40.

Of seven or eight thousand dollars six metric tons of in total total it was the total it wasn’t. Seven or eight. Yes. If it was so right. OK.

Yes it was a total total house with seven or eight thousand across the six months. Well all I’m saying is yes it was a total number. Yeah. Yeah. Well I don’t think that is a lot of confidence that wasn’t there because it backfired. But I don’t think that is a lot.

And I think it’s obvious if you’re living there and they knew I was living. It’s just another attempt to tell half a story.

Because if you write a total APM withdrawals of whatever it was seven or eight times across five months while living in hell no one would think that was strange. But if you write down some of the information it sounds strange yeah.

And as you said no I appreciate the clarification I MUST HAVE BEEN. I’VE HAD MY HEAD IN TO MIDDLE NO. YEAH OKAY GOT IT. WELL I JUST YOU KNOW IT’S FUNNY I had that I was reading that right before we talked but OK that is what it is.

But again all I think it’s a very valid question because now there is another thing that comes up but it’s the context of it. Again when I think I was sitting with I don’t know if it was the Times the Journal the that I was with somebody when that story broke there are extreme that when I said to them well that’s where I was living may go there now we know you will figure out why this story has it because it’s part of a bigger story obviously on the acolytes but they also have to look at that. You know that people who you know and whose mom lives in America his sister lives there. So we spent more money here. Well I don’t know maybe that was to do with mortgages. I’m just saying I don’t need to defend the ideals of what they can do what they want.

But the point to just be accurate and I hate this idea that they can fix things after they can make things right. Post story why not get it right. Because for the people whom you write this about it really does have an impact. I mean I had my bank accounts closed by a bank. That story appeared that just didn’t want to do business with me. I mean that that’s you can’t appeals you can’t do anything. Banks have the right to say we don’t want to do business with you. But I mean it’s an obvious I was living there. Six thousand dollars across five.

It’s not that I think no amount of money you know. You know it’s funny Rob I found the article and you’re right. I totally read that wrong.

But I think what is outrageous is that somebody would have leaked it because of their hatred for the Trump admin. I mean you know. But anyway that’s all I’m saying. No. Look yeah I appreciate that.

That’s worked with maybe other people since I read that wrong. That was that’s funny because I’m going to I’m always learning too I’m gonna remember to get you anywhere.

But no. And I appreciate all your questions.

You know people again. Not everyone has the same views.

Not everyone has the looking but unless I’m surveying the mistakes of one of the things that makes a great sort of democracy the human race is the ability to have heated debates and arguments and thought and and to draw opinions not just to behave like savages safely but just go for the lowest common denominator and just scream at each other all the time.

I have a one word like last question but I think you’ll like it. Rob Who do you want to play you in the movie about all this.

I like Polaris so I modeled at serious writing about him and he said to me oh my god I would you sign my book and I said well and he goes I’m astounded that it doesn’t ridicule.

And he goes you know I said Of course I know who you are but you can’t possibly know the line I guess I should play you in the movie.

I think Patton Oswald looks a bit like me I’m English.

I don’t know. James Corden would be good but if I had to pick a star to do it so badly.

This is just so hypothetical.

Yes. JONAH HILL This woman is fat woman in this state I’ve been holed up and is a bit faster than.

And so I think that Jonah Hill that’s still so.

Rob Goldstone The book is called pop stars pageants and presidents again are really. It’s on Amazon or everywhere I assume. Thanks you. Thank you so much for coming on the show.

I appreciate it. I appreciate that. You know it’s a question that I hope that people listen to that will just think not just about me but I try to use as well.

We hope we hit that Twitter and say what are often quite horrible things about it. Just think about context does it affect what you said.

That’s all I say. Yeah I bet you know use e-mail too much anymore. That’s very funny. Absolutely love again.

Now that I got invited to the White House Correspondents Association dinner in Washington a couple of weeks ago by USA Today and I will speak to that that you can give me a call. I said I’ll send you an e-mail. That’s a look of horror on their face. I’ll just told you to see.

I do that. Thank you so much for talking to us. Thank you so much. Over the ticker another.

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